troughMOBILE TM5 Stainless

Suitable for yearlings – TM5 STAINLESS


  • TM5 Stainless North*: $3,780.00 +GST
  • TM5 Stainless South†: $4,180.00 +GST

* includes shipping to the nearest town in North Island
† includes shipping to Picton only

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  • Feeds Approx 80-90
  • Capacity 1,100ltrs (1.1m3)

Products are protected by Copyright ©


  • 1.2mm Stainless liner
  • Inside width: 800mm
  • Depth: 310mm
  • Length: 5.5 metre
  • Overall height above ground: 595mm

We recommend checking maximum loading capacity of towing vehicle.


North Island Prices – includes delivery to the nearest town
South Island Prices – Includes delivery to Picton Only


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