troughMOBILE 3’n1 Multi Feeder

troughMOBILE® 3n1 Multi Feeder is convenient for:

Moozlee, calf pellets, cereal, ready Rumen, Minerals, liquids, hay and straw.


  • Multifeeder: $4,650.00 +GST 
  • Multifeeder with Meal Chute: $5,200.00 +GST
  • Multifeeder TM3 Liner Only: $620.00 +GST
  • Multifeeder Meal Chute Only: $550.00 +GST

Ex Factory – Unless prior arrangements made


  • Robust lockable offset tilt roof
  • Self unloading bulk storage chute (optional)
  • Two removable baskets
  • Front jockey wheel for ease of steering
  • Lock-in position park brake
  • Fibreglass liner
  • Large drain plug for easy cleaning
  • Rear tow bar for attaching second troughMOBILE
  • Three wheels fitted with floatation tyres
  • Fully galvanised steel frame
  • Minimal drawbar loading ATV’S
  • Meal Chute optional extra

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  • Inside width (top): 440mm
  • Inside width (bottom): 220mm
  • Depth: 235mm
  • Length: 3.8 metre

We recommend checking maximum loading capacity of towing vehicle.

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